Circle of the SacredFeathers
Circle of the Sacred Feathers is a free
form Wiccan-Pagan-Earthbased,
spiritual Circle / Collective.

We reside mainly in the San Jose,
South SF Bay Area, but we also hail
from all corners of the world.

We are a forum for access to general
beliefs and practices, along with
information and others of the same
or similar beliefs.
The Circle is
facilitated by Roe Griffith, a woman
with spiritual and religious experience
who claims to know nothing and yet
still claims to know something! Ha!

Roe is a fully Ordained First Level
Priestess within the Correllian
Tradition, Eclectic Witch, Magick
Woman, Fire Dancer, Shaman in
training (seems like she is just flat
out "in training"..Ha!) , Herbalist and
Tarot Teacher.

This group aims to be
NON-judgemental, NON-controlling,
and we believe in nurturing and
teaching each other and ourselves.
You Teach Me, I Teach You. Very

We try to meet monthly or around
the holidays / Sabbaths, Esbats, and
the turnings of the Great Wheel.

Pls reach out if you would like more
information or would like to join us.
Suggested Readings
To Contact Circle of the Sacred
drop an email to:
Roe Griffith
This Page Last Updated: 25 October 2012
Upcoming Events:

What: Samhain Celebration
When: Saturday,
3 November
Where: Campbell
Who:  CofSF and guests
Contact Roe for d

On-going Events:
- Classes to learn Traditional Tarot
(numerology available also)
- Monthly Moon Rituals: Full and New
- Vegan / Herbal Soap Making Classes

Contact Roe for details, dates, and times
"As Above,
      So Below"
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